Trinity Golf Classic

28th Annual Trinity Golf Classic

June 12th, 2023

2023 Registration Form

Trinity Golf Classic – Brochure

2022 Trinity Golf Classic

Donate Now – Only

Event Information: 

Fountain Valley Golf Course

2830 220th Street West

Farmington, MN 55024


Registration begins 9:30 A.M.

Shotgun starts at 10:30 A.M.

Food and beverage on course

Awards, raffles & prizes will be awarded at registration tent following your round of golf.

Player Pay Out

Flight One, First Place:$200, $50/ea

Flight One, Second Place: $120, $30/ea

Flight Two, First Place: $80, $20/ea

Flight Two, Second Place: $40, $10/ea

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Diamond Sponsors: $1500

  • 4 Golfers ($100/additional golfer)
  • 2 Carts
  • Lunch
  • Sign on hole
  • Tent, provided by sponsor, on course
  • FHS Website and Social Media Advertising with link to your business
  • Recognition during opening keynote
  • 4 Free raffle tickets

Gold Sponsor: $1000

  • 4 Golfers
  • 2 Carts
  • Lunch
  • Sign on hole
  • FHS Website and Social Media Advertising with link to your business
  • Recognition during opening keynote
  • 4 Free raffle tickets.

Silver Sponsor: $500

  • 2 Golfers
  • 1 Cart
  • Lunch
  • Sign on hole
  • Facebook Thank You message
  • 2 Free raffle tickets

Golf Only: $120

  • 1 Golfer
  • Shared cart
  • Lunch
  • 1 Free raffle ticket

*$100 for golf only registration if received by 5/16/2023*

Donation Only:

I can’t join Trinity on the golf course, but I want to help support Trinity’s goal. Donate Only

Your gift is tax deductible.


1 ticket for $5 — 3 tickets for $10 — 7 tickets for $20

Yellow Ball: $20 per foursome

Mulligans: $5 each

Tournament Rules

The tournament includes 2 flights; 1st and 2nd place winners.

  1. Tournament format will be a 4 Person Best Shot (Scramble).
    1. All 4 players tee off.
    1. Select the best shot, and play from there.
    1. Each team must use every player’s tee shot at least 2 times.
    1. Team members place ball within 12” of selected shot and continue until hole is complete.
    1. There will be 1 team score per hole.
  • Women tee off from red markers.  Men tee off from white markers.
  • Winter rules in effect.  Lie cannot be improved, moved outside of water, sand or rough.
  • There are no mulligans except those purchased as part of the tournament, no mulligans as part of special event holes.
  • Tap in short putts.
  • White stakes, and/or fence bordering course is out of bounds.
  • Play all water as a lateral hazard; marked by red stakes.
  • You must sign and turn in your scorecard and your unlost yellow ball to the front desk before leaving the golf course!
  • Ties will be broken with a scorecard playoff, with handicap as listed by order of hole-difficulty on card.  (Example: 1, 2, 3 etc. until tie is broken.)
  1. Special Event holes are separate for men & women. 

How are you Helping?

This year Trinity will be raising funds for a TV in our therapy space, an adjustable therapy staircase, Nustep for the Terrace and outdoor raised garden beds for the campus. We’re keeping Trinity residents active!