3.12.2021 – No New Positive Cases!

March 12th, 2021

In addition to Trinity Care Center employee testing, Trinity Care center tested all employees for COVID-19 this week.

Results from this week’s testing are as follows: 

Trinity Care Center – 0 positive residents, 0 positive employees

Terrace and Suites – 0 positive tenants, 0 positive employees

On Wednesday the CDC released new recommendations for long term care visitation.  One of the major changes is in regards to resuming indoor visitation.  Effective Monday, Trinity may now resume indoor visitation after one week of negative Covid testing for areas that were not directly impacted by the Covid positive exposure.  This means, effective next Monday Trinity will resume indoor visitation for the CHATEAU residents only.  This includes residents that are in rooms 413-441.  These visits will continue to occur in a designated area of the building.  The rest of the building remains in quarantine for an additional week pending all negative covid 19 testing.   

While the CDC released additional recommendations we have yet to receive guidance by the Minnesota Department of Health on how this will roll out in MN nursing facilities.  We expect this guidance to be coming out very soon.  Until then there are no further changes to our indoor visitation policy. 

To schedule your visits please contact the activities line at 651.460.1166. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Trinity Campus Administrator

Elizabeth Letich